13 Oct, 2015

BANZ Group is constantly looking for enthusiastic interns who are passionate about their career progression and willing to join the team.  Twelve trainees have recently been accepted for receiving vocational training at BANZ Group under the "TAKWEEN" Program.  Hosted by the Ministry of Education, the program focuses on providing both academic and practical experiences related to on job training for secondary school students. 

Jason Smith, CEO of Banz Group is extremely pleased to work with the Ministry of Education to design a program which fulfills the internship requirements for the twelve students. At BANZ we will endeavor to create a mutually beneficial experience with the students who will gain valuable work experience and at the same time allowing BANZ to identify suitable candidates for future full time employment and thus continue the goal of bringing young and enthusiastic Bahraini Nationals to the private work force.

During the meeting with the Ministry of Education representatives, Michael Munhuwei the CFO (pictured) of BANZ Group made a promise that we would support fully the ministry initiative. He mentioned the benefit that might accrue to the group through identification of talent at an early stage.

Group HR & Compliance Manager, Husnia Karimi (pictured) while explaining the Takween Internship Program procedure said “Takween Internship Program is a great way to see how much potential a student has in the field. We will see their skills and work knowledge as an intern and might choose to bring them on as a future employee down the line.”

The Internship program is going to be part of the group’s recruitment strategy going forward.

Image attached:
Back row from right: Radhya Ebrahim, Industrial Liaison Officer, Ministry of Education, Husnia Karimi, Group HR and Compliance Manager, Banz Group, Mike Munhuwei, Chief Finance Officer, Banz Group, Zuhair Isa Ali, Coordinator of Apprenticeship Training, and Guidance Section at Jed Hafes School, Ministry of Education.