23 Mar, 2015

Jason Smith, CEO Banz Group B.S.c., Dave Walsh, Managing Director, AG Environmental Solutions Ltd

Banz Group B.S.c. has signed long term partnership agreement with AG Environmental Solutions Ltd to bring the latest environmental technology to the Middle East.

AG Environmental Solutions Ltd is a leading provider of innovative, world class environmental engineering solutions that deliver significant cost reduction benefits and operational efficiencies on multiple levels to clients across a range of industry sectors.

Banz Group B.S.c. & AG Environmental Solutions Ltd will introduce several new products to the region, including;

Enershield Air Barrier

The Enershield air barrier is an innovative solution for several challenges encountered in many types of buildings. Air barrier technology uses an accurate and controlled vertical downward flow of air to produce a “virtual” door and create up to a 90% seal over an opening. The airflow effectively separates the atmospheres on either side and reduces the transfer of temperature, dust, insects, fumes and odours. Enershield air barriers are designed to use untreated air and to recirculate existing facility air.

Sterile-Aire High Energy Germicidal UVC Solutions

UVC solutions for Biofilm destruction in HVAC and AC for improved system performance and for up to 99.9% reduction in bacteria, virus’ and mould.  In-room and surface decontamination solutions also available.

Sterile-Aire’s UVC emitters have the highest output levels of any UVC in the market today.