Firefighting & Fire Detection

BANZ Trading and Contracting W.L.L.(BTC) is one of the leading local companies for design, supply, installation and commissioning of firefighting systems, fire alarm systems, pumps & fans in the island.  We provide complete range of solutions in the field of fire & safety, pumps & fans.  The division’s experienced personnel backed by the training from principles, increase our capability to maintain the most complex system as per the local and international standards.  We also take care of the overhauling of old pumps, fabrication / assembly of pumps and refilling of fire extinguishers at Sitra facilities.


Fire Fighting systems solutions are provided based on the requirement of the operating system of the customer’s facility or building.


1.  Water Base:

Sprinklers and Deluge systems are automatic water suppression systems and required at most of the premises and facilities. Banz Trading & Contracting offers a host of solutions and their variations based on the Hazard  classification such as:

  • Sprinkler system
  • Pre-action system
  • Deluge systems
  • Water Spray System
  • Foam Systems

2.  Gas Based

Fire suppression in FM200, CO2 System, and Aragonite


On a manual system where an individual is needed to operate the system in order to suppress the fire.  For these types of systems, we are providing the following:

  • Hose reel system
  • Wet riser system
  • Hydrant system
  • Fire extinguishers.

With the changes of rules and regulation of the Civil Defence in Bahrain to meet the International Standards, the need for Dry Sprinkler Systems has increased.

The Fire Division provides a complete fire suppression system solution for cold-storage facilities, by providing the design, supply & installation of Dry sprinkler systems.  The product was newly launched in the market by Viking Inc. in partnership with BANZ Trading & Contracting in September 2018.

Our partners for supply of firefighting products are:

  • Viking Inc. - USA
  • Bristol Fire Engineering – UAE
  • Steel Recon Industries (SRI)- Malaysia


The Fire Division designs & installs Fire Alarm Systems that are compliant with International Codes and Civil Defence project specifications. The provided system can be used at all kinds of premises and facilities.

Fire Alarms are the primary defense in the event of fire.  Thus, our design gives utmost priority to the compliance with the specification, and the appropriate selection of devices and controls to ensure the early detection of fire.
The Fire Alarm systems provided can be Conventional or Addressable.

Our partners for supply of Fire Alarm products are:

  • Eaton - Menvier UK (For the fire alarm system)
  • Ramcro –Italy (For Fire Alarm Cable)


Pumping solution provided by the division covers the following:

  • Chilled water application
  • Domestic water application
  • Sewage water application
  • Firefighting applications.

Our partners for the supply of pumps are:

  • Caprari – Italy
  • Bristol Fire Engineering – UAE (Fire Pumps)
  • Patterson USA (Fire Pumps)


We provide ventilation solution for residential, commercial & industrial buildings.  Our qualified engineers can support the customer with design, fan selection, installation & commissioning.

Our partner for the supply of fans is:

  • Kruger – Singapore


Our mission in serving the customer is not ending with the design, supply, installation and the commission of the firefighting and Fire Alarm system, or the supply of a fans or pumps.  We extend our services beyond that by providing a 24/7 call-out services.

A specialized and equipped team is dedicated for the fast response to customers alerts around the hour, to ensure the best level of service is provided.

These services can be provided under an Annual Maintenance Contract or on call basis.