28 Nov, 2016

We are pleased to announce that our staff at BANZ Group and  B&B Logistics 
has successfully passed their Forklift Certification and are now Licensed Forklift

Course has been arranged through STC (Safety Training & Consultancy Centre) 
whom are Government approved and accredited to carry out the training in
accordance with the Ministry of Labour.

Objectives of this certification is to: 

  1. Equip trainees with knowledge, skills and confidence in safe forklift operations.
  2. Prevent or reduce accidents caused by forklift operations.
  3. Increased operator awareness of safety hazards.
  4. Forklift component function and operator abuses, for eminent failure detection.
  5. Aware of safe operation procedures and practices for proper lifting and handling.
  6. Operators achieved a common base of knowledge so that all operators can
    communicate and understand lifting concerns as they arise.