Power quality analysis

Identify the origin and source of the disturbance or conditions that leads to poor power quality, like dips and swells, spikes, surges, momentary outages, sags etc. These result in malfunctioning, premature failure and sudden shut-down of computers and other electrical equipment. we offer solutions to remediate this. 

Harmonic analysis and calculations 

Harmonics or distorted steady state electrical current waveforms, are caused by single phase non-linear loads in office buildings and three phase non-linear loads in factories and plants. The harmonic analysis involves the use of predictive computer software to identify potential problems and resolve mitigation solution.

PF analysis

Power factors below 1.0 require a utility to generate more than the minimum volt-amperes necessary to supply the real power (watts). This increases generation and transmission costs.

For example, if the load power factor were as low as 0.7, the apparent power would be 1.4 times the real power used by the load. Line current in the circuit would also be 1.4 times the current required at 1.0 power factor, so the losses in the circuit would be doubled (since they are proportional to the square of the current).  

Alternatively all components of the system such as generators, conductors, transformers, & switchgear would be increased in size (and cost) to carry the extra current.  Utilities typically charge additional costs to commercial customers who have a power factor below 0.9.

A power factor study is carried out to observe the loading pattern and the conditions of poor average power factor maintained in the plant and to suggest remedial measures to maintain a healthy average power factor. 


Automatic power factor control panels  

They are made up of a combination of capacitor steps connected in parallel in order to improve the PF of an electrical system. The switching on and off of each step is done by a power factor controller, which is a part of the panel.

Active and passive harmonic filters
There are two main types of harmonic filters used for VFDs – passive and active.

Passive filters typically filter a single drive; meaning a separate filter is required for each VFD in a multiple VFD system.  Passive filters are usually most effective when running close to it’s rated capacity. Therefore, they need to be sized carefully to suit the load. Active filters monitor the current for a complete installation and inject currents to mitigate harmonics as required – so that a single active filter can be used for filtering of many VFDs of varying sizes.

PQ meters
Installed in any 11KV systems to measure flickers, harmonics, voltage, power, reactive power, energy, current etc. It is connected to a software for the collection and analysis of data.  

Energy meters 
These are used for power monitoring and energy management for all types of electrical networks (small and large consumers).


The Enershield air barrier creates a “virtual door” by recirculating ambient air and directing it across an opening in a laminar airflow, to create up to a 90% seal. This bespoke “invisible” door seals the opening and provides an effective “environmental separation” and stops the transfer of temperature, humidity, dust, odours and insects. With just a draught of air creating the barrier, vehicles and pedestrians can pass without obstruction.

  • Canadian design bespoke to fit the clients requirements, built to perform in the toughest climates, hot or cold.
  • Build quality & performance guarantees are industry leading.
  • Powder coated steel frame construction and sheet metal jacket provide a rigid, corrosion resistant unit to withstand
         even the harshest environments.
  • in areas where doors are opening & closing frequently or always open due to high volume of traffic or to present a
         welcoming approach to customers then your heating costs will be a major and increasing expense.
  • The virtual seal provided by an Enershield air-barrier will subsequently reduce demand on your heating and 
         air-conditioning systems reducing servicing costs and increasing the life expectancy.
  • Keeps the outside air out and the inside air in, maintaining the warmth of your heating in winter & the air-conditioning
         coolness in the summer.
  • A typical 5kw air curtain operating 8 hours/day, 5 days/week will consume 94% energy per annum more than an
         Enershield in the same conditions. With reduced energy consumption, typical installations provide a payback of
         less than 2 years.
  • Atmospheric separation: airborne problems like dust, insects, smoke, traffic fumes and odours are all prevented
         from passing through the Enershield.


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