BANZ Trading & Contracting W.L.L. (BTC) shelving division offers specialized solutions in the field of storage systems (large or small, customized or standard).  We are known for our association with the world class brand SSI Schaefer which coupled with our experience, makes us the undisputed leading shelving and racking service provider in Bahrain. After a careful and detailed examination of the customer ‘s requirements, we analysis, design and propose the system using long life quality steel (with a high degree of safety to shear forces) as per the International Safety Standards.
With cost effectiveness, a high quality of the structural system and excellent execution, we deliver the required storage systems.


Mobile Racking System

SSI SCHAEFER’s mobile racks are the ideal solution for storing large or heavy goods.  Capable of supporting heavy loads, they are also an exceptionally compact storage solution.  Every SSI SCHAEFER mobile racking system is equipped with a modern control system.  The modular concept enables you to create the perfect system for your individual wants and needs. By reorganizing the rack aisles into areas for logistics and other functions, mobile racks create new space and efficiently optimize your storage capabilities.

Logimat System

SSI SCHAEFER’s LOGIMAT® storage lifts provide you with a storage and picking solution in one system.  The state-of-the-art storage lift utilizes the goods-to-person principle and sets standards in performance and ergonomic operating comfort.  The storage lift can be compared with an over-sized drawer cabinet, with front and rear rows of trays.  A lift is located between the two rows, which pulls out the trays and transports them to the correct position of the operating opening.

Cantilever Racking System

When it comes to storing long or bulky goods, cantilever racking systems are the right solution.  The bandwidth ranges from light plastic proiles, steel tubes, proiles wooden panels and even heavy coils.  Adjustable
cantilevers allow easy adaptation to different storage heights and load requirements. SSI SCHAEFER offers diverse accessories depending on the goods being stored.

Mezzanine Platforms System

Easily double your warehouse space with modular mezzanine systems from SSI SCHAEFER. The available surface area in the warehouse is optimally utilized by integrating an additional level.  Our comprehensive
line of panel elements and module types, allows a variety of layout options.  Our wide range of standard options for the modular mezzanine systems meets just about every requirement regarding dimensions and load
capability.  These systems can be designed in any conceivable layout and are therefore easily customizable to your site.

Warehouse Management Solutions (WAMAS)

With WAMAS GO!, your current stock and delivery orders are always under control.  System-based storage, retrieval processes and permanent inventory, ensure constant stock reliability.  Automated allocation and
control of picking ensures timely outbound deliveries and higher quality.  The WAMAS GO! Control centre allows you to have an overview of the progress at all times and lets you intervene, if necessary.

Pallet Dynamic Flow Racks

Pallet storage using the FIFO principle is an effective solution if you store goods with an expiry date or have to monitor batches and product series.  The first pallets stored are also the first ones to be removed (FIFO).  The pallet dynamic flow racks also play an import- ant role as buffer warehouses for incoming goods and shipping.  

The storage is usually accessed using front loaders and reach trucks along with manual pallet trucks for the lowest level.  Dynamic flow racks work via gravity alone and do not require any electrical components.  Supply and removal are clearly separated, improving the operation. In addition, our pallet dynamic flow racks can also be easily integrated into an automated material flow, making them a suitable option for fully automated warehouses.