Trading Division

Trading Division

The Trading Division is renowned for the range of premium products from prestigious manufacturers and partners from around the globe. We are preferred by all kind of leading industrial customers, and automotive service centers in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our warehouse and showrooms are strategically located in to provide customers with easy access and quick delivery and support. Some of our plethora of specialization products & solutions are listed below.

Specialty Lubricants

The one stop shop for all kind of Specialty Lubricants. Starting from general purpose triple life lubricants to special lubricants that can be used for a variety of industries from Oil and Gas, Food lubricants, Defense, Marine and going up to Aerospace. We also do possess all kind of cutting fluid required to perform all kind of extensive machining operations!

Adhesives & Sealant Solutions

We provide more than just adhesives and sealants. We have everything to fix except bonding broken hearts. We have all kind of adhesives which can bond plastics, rubber, wood and various metals. We have trained staffs and excellent support from our manufacturers who can recommend or even can do research and develop a solution that fits the requirement.

Cleaners & Protective Coatings

We are the pioneer in the island who introduced WD40 decades back which needs no special introduction neither to the industrial or proud home makers. In our product range, we have long term coatings against rust. 


Be it your vehicle on road or sea! Or even batteries for your generators or other equipment, we have the charge required to power your needs. We have all range of batteries starting from pen torch AA batteries to the military grade batteries which are approved to be used for Military purposes.

Automotive Care and Repair

Industrial Tools, Hose & Accessories

Packaging Material & Storage Solutions

We do have a variety of storage solutions, material handling and packaging material based on every industry

Safety & Security

We have got you covered for all your safety and security requirements, be it for personal or corporate !

Air Barriers

The Air Barriers from Enershield acts a virtual door maintaining the inside climate from the extreme toughest climate outside. Now deployed in Airports, Hotels, Supermarkets and healthcare centers in Bahrain.