Trading Division

BANZ Trading & Contracting's (BTC) Trading Division is renowned for it’s range of premium products, from prestigious manufacturers and partners from around the globe.  We are preferred by leading industrial customers and automotive service centres in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  Our warehouse and showrooms are strategically located, one in Sitra and another one in Salmabad to provide customers with easy access and quick delivery.  Some of our specialty products & solutions are listed below.

BTC provides more than just adhesives and sealants. We have all kind of adhesives, which can bond plastics, rubber, wood and various metals.  We have well trained staff and excellent support from our manufacturers who can provide excellent recommendations and develop solutions that meet the requirements.  We have strategically partnered with Loctite which is a subsidiary of Henkel.

Loctite is a German-owned American brand of adhesives, sealants and surface treatments.  We also have partnered with Permatex, an ITW company from the USA that is strong in both adhesives and gaskets products.

-  Thread Lockers                          -  Epoxy Repair                           -  Asphalt Repair   
-  Anti-Seize                                  -  Hand Cleaners                         -  Pipe Repair Kits  
-  Gasket Makers                          -  Thread Sealants                       -  Retaniers   
-  Instant Bonding                         -  Structural Bonding                    -  Concrete Repair
-  Metal Repair

The one stop shop for all kind of Specialty Lubricants.  Starting from general purpose triple life lubricants to specialty lubricants that can be used for a variety of industries ranging from Oil and Gas, Food, Defense, Marine and Aerospace.  We also do possess various types of cutting fluid required to perform all kind of extensive machining operations!  We have partnered with a global leader in technical advanced, high performance lubricants – ROCOL.  ROCOL is an ITW company situated in UK.

-  Broom Grease                            -  Bearing Greases                     -  Defense Lubricants   
-  Gear Oils                                    -  Metalworking Lubricants         -  Aerospace Lubricants
-  Food Lubricants                         -  Gas Leak Detector                  -  Wire Rope Lubricants
-  Chain & Drive Lubricants           -  Non Destructive Testers          -  Welding Lubricants
-  Compressor & Hydraulic Oils

We are the pioneer in the island who introduced WD40 decades back.  WD-40 is the trademark name of a penetrating oil and water-displacing spray.   In our product range we have long term coatings against rust.

-  Penetrants                                  -  Foam Cleaners                        -  Contact Cleaners 
-  Floor Coatings                            -  Degreaser                                -  Corrosion Protective Coatings

Be it your vehicle on the road or sea! or even batteries for your generators or other equipment, we have the charge required to power your needs.  We have a variety of batteries ranging from pen torch AA batteries to the military grade batteries which are approved to be used for Military purposes.  The Freebatt, Optima and Varta are renowned brands in the global market and are manufactured in JCI (Johnson Controls) Factories located in Europe and Mexico.

-  Dry Battery                                 -  Maintenance Free Battery        -  VRLA Battery
-  Deep Cycle Battery                    -  AGM Battery                             -  Spiral Cell Battery
-  Solar Battery                              -  Battery Charger & Testers        -  Battery Acid
-  Distilled water

-  Hose Clips                                  -  Hydraulic Hoses                         -  Radiator Hoses
-  Pneumatic Hoses

We have a variety of storage solutions, material handling & packaging material to cater every industry

-  Storage Bins                               -  Heavy Duty Waste Bins             -  Stretch Films 
-  Masking Tapes                            -  Shelves

We have got you covered for your safety and security requirements!

-  PPE                                            -  Personal Safety                         -  Anti-Slip Solutions
-  Line Marking Spray Kits             -  Site Safety Solutions

-  Chamois Leather                        -  Wiper blades                              -  Engine Degreasers 
-  Micro Fiber Cloth                        -  Gasket sheets                            -  Battery Cleaners
-  Brake Cleaners                           -  Automotive AC Gas

To meet your automotive and industrial needs, we have partnered with AXCL to provide high performance lubricants which are manufactured from virgin oil.  AXCLproducts are approved by major manufacturers such as Daimler-Chrysler and Volvo, thus they are of high standards.

-  Hydraulic Oils                             -  Compressor Oils                        -  Multi-purpose Grease
-  EP2 Grease                               -   Engine Oils                                -  Gear Oils
-  Auto Transmission Oil

For tires, we have partnered with Transtone, who manufacture high performance and long lasting tires which can carry heavy loads.  We have various patterns that can satisfy the requirements of off-road and on-road driving.